Date Tue 14 February 2017

TL;DR:Nothing can ruin a wedding like a bad song (or 20), but with WeddingWire’s database of thousands of songs, DJs and bands,the perfect wedding playlist is right at your fingertips.

What you play at your wedding is very important, and no one knows that better than, the nation’slargest and most trusted online marketplace for bringing merchants and couples together.

“I think the music sets the tone for the whole wedding. It really does reflect your personality,” said Kim Forrest, WeddingWire editor.

Ispoke with Forrest to get the lowdown on the worst wedding songs of all Mehr Info viel time, whether for the ceremony, reception or first dance, as well as her top tips for making the playlist of your dreams.

It doesn’t matter if youlike to keep it traditional or mix it up becausethe folks at WeddingWire have your musical back.

13. “Gold Digger” by Kanye West

“If you f***ing with this girl, then you better be paid.”

While “Gold Digger”is a fun song to dance to at the club or in the car, the lyrics don’t exactly scream “match made in heaven!” According to Forrest, aber mehr hierüber erfahren timing is key with this one.

“Maybe you wouldn’t play that song for your first dance or when you’re walking down the aisle, unless everyone has a really good sense of humor, but that’s a good example of a song that if you play it at Lesen Sie die vollständigen Bericht es the right time, it’s probably OK,” she said.

”Cause I can’t spell away this hurt that’s drippin’ down my cheek.”

Just N-O, N-O, N-O, N-O, N-O.

“Picture this, we were both caught making love on the bathroom floor.”

Doing it on the sofa, in the shower, on the counter – while Shaggy’s stamina is impressive, save your parents a heart attack by skipping this song.

“Don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’ Schau es dir mal an sagen you’re irreplaceable.”

One word taken out of contextdoes not a good dance song make.

“Throw your clothes (throw your clothes) on the floor (on the floor).”

While this song may get you going in the bedroom, I doubt it will get your guests going on the dance floor.

“It gets a little intimate, so that might not be the best song to play for your first dance,” Forrest said.

We have to agree.

“You don’t have to say, what you did,I already know, I found out from