Updated : Nov 10, 2020 in Bitcoin

Only bitcoin can truly liberate America and mankind, says Kanye West.

Kanye West was a guest in the popular podcast of Joe Rogan. If you have the time, you can listen for three hours to a man who has too many tabs open in his head. One of these tabs must be BTC Direct’s conviction page, as he praises bitcoin as the ‚True Liberation of America‘.

Conservative and Christian

In case you don’t know who Kanye West is, he has been making rap music for decades and has produced and made many famous hits himself. He is also known for his controversial statements, such as that he wants to run for President of the USA. He would like to do this on a platform of conservative Christian values. This theme is also often reflected in his music. Last year, for example, he released the album Jesus is King.

But he was a guest at Joe Rogan’s podcast. He says that the geniuses in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency community offer perspective on the true liberation of America and humanity.

True liberation

These guys really have a perspective on what the true liberation of America and humanity will be,‘ West told Rogan. The excerpt comes far into the three-hour podcast, which talked about his presidential ambitions, his thoughts on the coronavirus and the future of mankind.

Old electoral system based on slavery

Many of the technicians, but bitcoin boys in particular, were able to use the new highways, the new information highways, to create the next frontier of our existence while the powers of our political system were still anchored in the electoral system, which was based on slavery.

The future is decentralised

West said that he had spoken to two of his bitcoin and cryptocurrency friends. These are presumably venture capitalist Anthony Schiller and co-founder of Coinbase Fred Ehrsam. He did this in preparation for the long-awaited podcast, which has already been watched more than 9 million times on YouTube.

The rapper also pointed to the decentralised social media plans of Twitter and Square top man Jack Dorsey. West sees this as evidence of a trend towards bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Last month, Dorsey said that bitcoin and the underlying decentralised blockchain technology are the future of Twitter, and Dorsey also bought bitcoin for $50 million through its other company, Square.